The Nazca Lines are an engima. No one has proof who built them or why. Since their discovery, the Nazca Lines have inspired fantastic explanations from ancient gods, a landing strip for returning aliens, a celestial calendar created by the ancient Nazca civilization

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Nazca Lines, google earth, coordinates


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Nazca Lines coordinates

Price per person US$ 520 ( Based on double occupancy )

Pick up service from your hotel will be at 6:00 am,the bus depart 7:00am, (there are 4 hours ride to Ica each way) we will arrive in Ica at 11:00 am aprox.
We will overflight the Nazca lines from Ica,the flight will take 1 hour 15 *Please note that the Departure for the nazca Lines overflight is from 07:00 to 16:30 hours (depending on weather conditions) at the end transfer to the bus station royal class back in Lima transfer to your hotel - overnight (B)


Price per person, Based on double occupancy US$ 568 (2 pax)
Per Person Prices single travellers:US$848 (1 pax)


- 06.00 a.m pick up at the hotel in Lima, them will drive down the panamericana High way, for 300 kms. (On the way will have a technical stop at restaurant called el Piloto, Opcional).
Then to continue on until the hotel the Dunas in Ica where the local tours guide is will contact to you.

- After a short stop we will depart to Nasca, On the way, we’ll visit the Maria Recihe’s House and Museum where there are some potteries, textils, maps of the Nasca Lines made by the Dr. Maria Recihe who lived there for many years or instead we could Visit the Ceramic workshop.

- Then we’ll continue on our trip to Nasca for going to the airport, to fly over the mysterious Nasca Lines which are on a flat land of 500 km2 approximately. They were made by the Nasca people (Nasca Culture 300bc) and there are several theories about their origin. Then you will have time for lunch in a local restaurant

- Return to Lima getting to Lima around 9:00 pm aprox.


(only charter)

You will be picked up from your hotel.
Exit from the Airport Jorge Chávez, in direct flight to Ica's City from them 09:00 approximate hour (subject to climatological conditions
- I arrive at Ica's City.

- Change to a Plane Cessna of high wing for better visibility to overfly the Lines of Is born and feels (16 figures), Huacachina's natural Oasis, set of Dunes of Ica's desert, Ocucaje's Valleys, Feels, I devise and Cahuachi's Ceremonial Center (I Fly 01:20 hour aprox.)

- Visit to the Exhibition Aerofotográfica of the Lines of Feels and Be born (16 figures), Exhibition of Ceramics of the Culture Be born and Paracas and Exhibition of the informative video, where an official guide of Tourism will give an explanation detailed on the diverse theories of the Mystery of the Lines of Be born, with the degustation l Grappa Iqueño.

- I have lunch Hotel The Dunes and Swimming pool for exclusive use of the passengers.

- Visit Guided to Huacachina's Lagoon..
- Delivery of Certificate of I overfly to the Lines of Be born.
- I come back to the City of Lima, from 16:30 aprox.
- Personalized attention, up to the end (purpose) of our services.
- Available plane: Cessna Grand Caravan - 208 12 pax

Price per person US$742
based on double occupancy in tourist class Hotel

Day 1 LIMA / ICA
Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the bus station to depart to Ica (bus tickets included) upon arrival reception and transfer to the Hotel from where you will do the City tour that include the visit to the Regional museum where show the 5 culture evolution: Paracas, Nazca Wari Ica and Inca.
Visit to Señor de Luren Sanctuary, Lord of Ica The Huacachina sand dunes, old and modern Ica - transfer to the Huarango hotel or similar where you will overnight (no meals)

Am pick up from your hotel and transfer to Nazca, on the way you will to visit the Maria Reiche Museum, visit the Nazca Lines viewpoint in Nazca, over fly the nazca Lines, visit the Kantalloc aqueduct, Paredones, after the tour we will have lunch before returning to Ica in private transportation from were you will take the bus back to Lima - arrival reception and transfer to the hotel - overnight (B,L)

Transfer to and from hotel
Professional bilingual guide
Entrance tickets
Tickets to over fly the lines


Price per person US$780
based on double occupancy in tourist class Hotel

Day 1 LIMA / ICA
Pick up from your hotel (06:00 am) and transfer to the bus station to depart to Ica to do the overfly to the Nazca Lines depending on the weather conditions (the overfly lasts 1.30 hours). Lunch and back to Ica - transfer to the hotel - overnight (L)

Pick up from the hotel at 6:46am to visit the Ballestas Island, where big concentration of sea birds, and other; at 1:30pm transfer to the bus station to depart to Lima where you will arrive after 4 hours trip,
Arrival in Lima reception and transfer to your hotel and end of our services (B,L)

Overfly the Nazca lines
Transfer Ica /paracas private
Tour to the Ballestas island
Luch second day


Nazca Lines - Location
The Nazca Lines are located in the Nazca Desert, a high arid plateau that stretches between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the pampa (a large flat area of southern Peru). The desolate plain of the Peruvian coast which comprises the Pampas of San Jose (Jumana), Socos, El Ingenio and others in the province of Nasca, is 400 Km. South of Lima, covers an area of approximately 450 km2, of sandy desert as well as the slopes of the contours of the Andes. They cover nearly 400 square miles of desert. Etched in the surface of the desert pampa sand about 300 hundred figures made of straight lines, geometric shapes most clearly visible from the air.

Cahuachi, in Peru, was a major ceremonial center of the Nazca culture and overlooked some of the Nazca lines from 1 CE to about 500 CE. Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici has been excavating the site for the past few decades, bringing a team down every year. The site contains over 40 mounds topped with adobe structures. It is a huge architectural complex covering 0.6 sq. miles (1.5 sq. km). It has also been studied by Helaine Silverman, who has written a book on Cahuachi. The permanent population was quite small, but it was apparently a pilgrimage center that grew greatly in population for major ceremonial events. These events probably involved the Nazca lines and the giant sand dune of Nazca. Support for the pilgrimage theory comes from archaeological evidence of sparse population at Cahuachi and from the Nazca lines themselves which show creatures such as orca and monkeys which were not present in the Nazca region. Of course, trade or travel may explain the images. Due to the dry climate the finds are quite rich and include even such ephemeral material as clothing. Looting is the greatest problem facing the site today. Most of the burial sites surrounding Cahuachi were not known until recently and so present a very tempting target. It was once thought to be the mighty capital of the Nazca state. New research has suggested that 40 of the mounds were actually natural hills modified to appear as artificial constructions.

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